Glan Y Gors SuperOne – Round 5 Senior X30
July 8th/9th

It’s been a couple of years since our last visit to the picturesque GYG circuit in north Wales, so it was nice to be back. Will loves the GYG track and has always been very quick in the races he has competed in at the circuit. A test weekend before the event went very well and Will was only a tenth off the pace, but had plenty to work on to improve his times.

It has been very difficult to judge where you are come official practise before the event, mainly due to the tyre degradation in Senior X30. The only time everyone is on the same rubber is qualifying on Saturday. Will had a decent qualifying session and he only did a handful of laps to try and conserve his tyres. He ended up 6th in group, which was a good effort with very close times at the front; however with the first group always having the best track conditions, this translated to 18thoverall so it looked like another tough weekend ahead.

Starting 9th in heat 1, Will had a good first lap, picking up 2 positions and moved into 6th by lap 4. By this time Will was just over a second behind 5th place and could not make any progress to the chequered flag, but 6th was a decent result for him. Will was unhappy with the karts handling as it appeared to go “off” early in the race. We tried a few changes for the 2nd heat and he again started from 9th place on the grid. The karts handling was not to his liking from the outset, although he did make up a couple of positions early on. The kart again got worse during the race and he eventually dropped back to 10th position at the flag. The results in the heats gave him a 15th starting position for Final 1 on Sunday afternoon.

Final 1 became a carbon copy of the 2 heats, with the kart being quite quick early in the race and this allowed Will to move up into 12th place by lap 4. From there on progress was hard for Will with the karts handling again detraining and he was soon under pressure from behind; notwithstanding this he held onto 12th place for 9 laps. On lap 15 an incident in front of Will at the double right hander saw him take evasive action to the left, leaving him vulnerable to a group directly behind. In all Will lost 7 places due to the incident and finished in 19thplace, although this was later adjusted to 16th after bumper penalties. Will was still not happy with the kart so we made several drastic changes for Final 2. Final 2 saw 2 incidents on the first lap, with someone driving over the top of Will at the end of the straight putting him in the barriers with a very bent kart. To his credit, Will dragged the kart some 20 meters back onto the circuit and rejoined the race, albeit 2 laps down. He was at the back of the field at this point, 2 laps down and the kart was visibly pulling to one side, but this didn’t deter Will. As he got used to driving a bent kart his lap times became very competitive with all the lead drivers barring the eventual winner Oliver Hodgson. He overtook several karts coming through the field but was still the last placed runner at the chequered flag. A great drive in difficult conditions but showed his true character behind the wheel, well done Will. Another tough weekend for all in Senior X30 and lots learnt for the future. Many thanks to the team for all their hard work and effort to overcome the issues this weekend, and to all the folks who support Will in various ways.